Wednesday, March 23, 2011

baby, it's cold outside

i was fairly certain spring was here.  
but nature had another idea...

hoping today might find a little warmth to melt these snows away.
like a midwinter bear, i spent the better part of the day sleeping.
making up for lost sleep last night...

until fingers started twitching...

it's just a little bit of needlewandering.  thought i'd meander through
a stack of vintage scraps and see what puzzled together...
i enjoyed the soft, faded colors in counterpoint to the bold hues
i've been working in so much lately...

i'm not certain what i'll do with it...or what it will become.
will have to sit quietly and let it whisper what tales it may have to share...


p.s.  fortune cookie wisdom wednesday is postponed.  i didn't venture out from under the comfort and safety of my quilt pile today to forage some chinese food.  will try to stop for some on my way home from work tomorrow night...


  1. ooohhhh... it looks chilly. I hope you get some warmth soon so melt away your ice and snow.
    Lovely soft vintage colours...muted colours...I wonder what will become of them.

    Jacky xox

  2. Just saw on the side bar there is a tutorial coming next week.....yipee!

  3. snow here too, i woke up and said to myself, what's wrong with this picture?

  4. ha! may even be out a little sooner! just depends upon how long the brakes take me to fix on the truck tomorrow!

  5. i think, jude, that perhaps nature has had a bit of the hiccups!

  6. ooh love those muted faded scraps ......I wish I could work with a subtle colour palette...I do try and I just end up adding colours that scream at me to be included.....look forward to seeing what emerges from them ...keep warm and cosy..x

  7. Your post gives me the shivers! Boy the precipitation has gone wild! We had such a down pour yesterday with lots of hail. looked almost like snow here! Then later last night, it kept raining for all it's worth. Our pond and creek keep quite filled!
    Hey, is that your weather vain? Looks like a witch on top! I WANT one! lol I have been known as Wanda the Witch, so seems quite fitting! But I am a "wonderful" witch and not a "wicked" one, or am I? hee hee

  8. thanks, artymess! yes, i do love the muted faded scraps, too! and i'm so looking forward to seeing what stories whisper from their threads... so far, though, they are keeping quiet on the matter...

  9. oh, don't i know it, wanda! brrr!

    yes, that is my weather vane and it is a flying witch! i used to have a small organic herb farm called "flying witch farm" and it is from the old drying barn there. i remember when i found the weather vane at a county fair in souther california while on vacation, the name of my herb farm shouted itself to me! i do miss growing my herbs, though...