Tuesday, March 15, 2011

heart blessings

the first time her laughter
unfurled its wings in the wind,
we knew the world would
never be the same
- brian andreas

a very special person, wanda, sent me this most amazing gift today. we "met" through the one world one heart event this year and have been exchanging insanity via email ever since.  you may remember that she was the one that licked everything on my blog so that no one would want any of it...especially the one world one heart door prize, sky flower.  she was the one who ultimately won the door prize, too. 

i had lamented that i didn't think of licking one of her dottie dolls that she had been offering on her blog and therefore did not win one.  well....who could have guessed that this amazing person set out to create a very special dottie just for me!  meet george....my very own steampunk dottie doll!  the picture just doesn't do her justice...what with all of the wondrous little cogs and bits and bobs....and the custom steampunk goggles on her hat that you can't even see, but will do wonders at keeping bugs out of her eyes while she is out adventuring!

not only did i receive such a treasure, but i had to dig through piles of other treasures to get to her.  past oversized money (which will be terrific fun to play with next time i bind a a new book), a wonderful daily zen calendar for my desk, an ingenious compass, and the most amazing magic business card holder!

my heart is full. my heart is touched. i am overwhelmed with gratitude. thank you, wanda, for everything! george means more to me than you can know...



  1. isn't it just?! i love her! wanda did an amazing job and i am so lucky to have received george!!