Friday, March 25, 2011


still having heavy connectivity and server issues during the transition from one phone company to the new one. meh! hoping it doesn't continue for too long...  it plays havoc on my uploading and viewing abilities!

meanwhile, i'm putting the repurposed time to good use.  my life and home has become choked with options and possibilities.  being a collector and gatherer, i tend to go overboard at times. never wanting to walk by that wonderful new fragment or resource.  i am finding that having too many options, too many fibers and fragments, too many books filled with other people's ideas, has become quite stifling. 

so, fabrics and fibers are being sorted and packed away, leaving only a small stack to which i will add from time to time, culled from the Great Stores that i seem to have amassed.  rather than having mountains of choices, i will be experimenting in forcing myself to make do with what i have at hand.  not scurrying about, rifling through a neverending sea of fibers to find that elusive "perfect fragment". 

i'm also finding new homes for a lot of my furniture, as my home has become cluttered with antiques and cherished sticks.  i need space. not another ottoman to trip over.  room to move. to create. to contemplate. i plan to redesign my studio this week. open it up. clear it. make space for the whispers to cultivate quietly...

yes. space for the whispers.

space for the cultivation of ideas.

space for the mending. re-integrating. repurposing.

space for new characters to manifest...



  1. sounds like you are describing me and my home. i attempt to do what you describe but i always fall backwards and go back to my old ways. you have inspired me to do better. i will do it this time.
    thank you.

  2. It is an impossible neverending battle for who is in control: me or the stuff. Ha!

  3. best of luck to you, deanna! and to me, for i tend to do the same thing. but this time, i'm determined not to let it happen again!

  4. i hear you, and the word "hoarder" terrifies me yet i'm rapidly getting there.
    your welcoming cat is so alive.

  5. hey, yes, the whisper and some clear space. i love your beast.

  6. Ah, words of wisdom for us all! I spent a lot of my Spring break doing exactly what you're doing. One more day left and I still have some more organizing to do today. I wish us all luck. I'm determined to do exactly what you propose.

    ;~) Debi

  7. I was just telling my sister that I either have to lose weight to find more room to sit and stitch or get rid of some stuff. Ha! I decided to put in totes and move to another storage room. When one is so creative it's so hard to get rid of anything because you see all the possiblies. But your post was motivational in that if I put some stuff away I then have to focus on what is at hand. Yes, too much can be paralizing the choices become overwhelming to the point of doing nothing. It seems like a lot of people are "simplifying" these days, is it due to all the disasters and others not even having essentials? I do feel at times like a rich man at a peasant fest. Now that I have put this all to writing, perhaps I will be more inclined to follow through on the clean up.Wish me luck! :)

  8. i am not certain of the "why's" of this phenomena, other than that it seems to be what is moving through mind these days...

    for me, it is a matter of space. i moved from a 3 bedroom home to a tiny little so-called "two bedroom" one...which is more like a one bedroom with a walk-in closet home... ha!

    also, being a collector of odd artefacts and random fragments...and an artist with a wide range of media interests, i have too many things attached to each of them. it's time for me to slow down. simplify. focus. and create!

  9. Good luck with your space. Decluttering from time to time to let in fresh air is goooood: especially in the spring-time !
    Love your two cats: one up here and the one on the right ;-)