Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a murmuring in the darkness

whether it is a minor disappointment 
or a major shock, 
is the signal that things 
are moving into transition 
in our lives.”
-William Bridges

transition seems to be a major theme in my thoughts these days. the transition of winter into spring (though at times this seems to be a false transition. snow has fallen. again.). the transition of life into death. so many elders have been passing these past couple of weeks at work. my artistic evolutions. friends becoming less than friends. others becoming other than friends. still more becoming more than so.

there is little one can do about these transitions in life. but to sit and watch. observe the little changes. digest the large changes. adapt. blend. become one with them.

they are not unlike the transitions of discarded fragments, stitched down. blended. woven. adapted. changed into something new...

spinning new stories. finding new lives. new experiences. this little guy has yet to begun whispering his story into my waiting ear... but something tells me that he has quite a story to tell.

meanwhile, there are too many voices murmuring in the darkness tonight.  like a rush of dark wings. fluttering all at once. i can't make out anything in particular. so i am contenting myself to just listen to the cacophony of feathered whispers...



  1. the cloth you used for the cat is so perfect. he/she does look quite content. i did volunteer work at a nursing home a while back and the transition of life into death was commonplace and sad.

  2. A really beautiful cloth.... I love the cat!

  3. Joe, it's a beauty! I know what you mean about a time of transitions...it's very intense now and needing quietness to absorb it all.

  4. Wow! I love this little guy. Does he have ears to listen?

  5. It seems so sad to me that so many elders have been passing just as Spring is trying so hard to make it's entrance.
    You are working patiently and wisely observing your time of transition.

  6. Your sweet little kitty made me smile big time! What a nice surprise at the end of an intense day of artmaking, and class posting.

  7. Hello, Joe - I am often a procrastinator, which is why it has taken me so long to tell you how much I cherish the comment you left on my blog: "....they are quite beautiful! especially the middle one. puts me in mind of a wonderfully mossy rock with forgotten shells and sea anemones!" Usually, when something is so special, like your comment, I set it aside so I can properly respond later, when I have more time. Haha ... then it just gets lost in the pile of stuff. Anyway, thank you very much.

  8. Joe, I love the way the tabby in the sidebar is right beside the tabby in your piece -- WT_? And I also love the tabby cloth you chose, it's a great piece!

  9. That beautiful little kitty, can't wait to find out the story. Your work takes my breath away Joe, you are such an amazing talent <3

  10. Joe - how is it that you are in my head so often? LOL.

    This post brings comfort and hope for this time of transition. "major shock". You have no idea. But now........yeah... it's time to move on.


  11. thank you, all. i am still slow to respond. slow to create. but it gives my heart strength to do both. and your words touch my mind and my soul.

    for those that wondered, the fragment chosen to give life to the cat on this small cloth was rescued from a tattered linen skirt, found sticking out of a garbage can whilst out walking the saint. it reminded me of piper, the cat who will not be ignored, and whispered deeply into my ears.

    i rather think his story shall be revealed soon...though i still do not know it. perhaps he will become part of a larger story. a larger cloth. who can know?

  12. Sometimes the most important things said come in whispers and wing beats. It is a difficult time for those of us who live with 'real' winter. Some years, like this one, it seems endless and even though the calendar says so, spring seems long off. It's a grit your teeth time of year, a guarantee that if you keep believing and don't give up hope, the light will shine once again. And your feet will be warm again one day too.

  13. I love reading each and every one of your posts...your "voice" is lovely and each is so poetic and thought provoking. Pair that with the photos of your wonderful work and it’s icing on the cake of life. Keep them coming. ~ mary helen